Azure Batch Frequently Asked Questions
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Azure Batch FAQ

Get the answers to common frequently asked questions and best practices for Azure Batch.


How can I ask the Microsoft Azure Batch team a question?

You can contact us by using one of these options:


How can I increase core quota for batch?

Follow these steps to request a quota increase for your Batch account or your subscription using the Azure Portal.


How do I stay informed about product updates?

You can check service updates for Azure batch.


How do I know batch service quotas and limits?

You can get resource quotas and limits for Azure batch. To review your current quotas, see the quotas section in Azure batch quotas in batch blade.


Can we remove Public IP assigned to the Pool-Node?

No, the user cannot remove the public IP. This is required by Batch.


Can we make Batch VM as part of our Windows AD domain and use Domain account to perform Batch server management?

No. But user can use AD auth for performing Batch Api operations. you won't be able to RDP into the machine using the AD Auth.


Can we perform Azure Disk Encryption of Batch VM?

No as of now. But Batch is looking into adding Az Disk encryption support in future.


How to check self-help for batch pool and node errors to detect and avoid failures?

You can check common error causes by following below:

Pool common error causes

Node common error causes


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