Why does the same query return different results in two charts?


I am monitoring Windows and Linux VMs. The windows VM's are out of 100% but the Linux goes over? Why is that? Isn't percentage supposed to be out of 100%? They are using the same queries.






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Hi @Jhilene,

That's most likely because multiple values were logged at the same time, and summed up on the chart you created. I see that your query filters by computer starting with a string, and that means you're probabaly getting back reports of multiple computers.

There are a number of solutions, depending on what you want to chart:

1. You can chart the average, maximum or minimum values of the reports by selecting a different option on this dropdown, instead of Sum:


2. You can change the filter to a specific computer name, which will assure you're not getting many values with the same TimeGenerated value

3. You can use summarize to calculate something different (use with 'bin' to set a fixed bin size of 10 minutes for example)




@Noa Kuperberg I realized this. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.