Which column has my data in Azure Log Analytics?

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I'm part of a support team for an application that's being moved over to the Azure Platform.

I'm trying out various queries to see what data is available in which location.


e.g. If I want to see where any "404" errors show up, I write the following query

search in (*) "404" | summarize count() by $table


This gives me the table names which have "404" along with the number of entries with that data.

AzureMetrics 400

AzureDiagnostics 37,548

Is there a way in which I can locate the column which has the above data, after I've identified the table?

e.g the above query shows that AzureDiagnostics has ~37K rows which have 404.


What query do I write to locate which column(s) have the data of interest?


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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When creating a new query, try using the "Analytics" portal (selected with the button at the top of a query window). The black bar on the left had the entire schema.


Hope this helps!




Thanks for the reply.

But that gives all the columns in the given table.

I was looking to find out which column had the data (in my case the text "404") of interest.