Where's the Update Compliance love?

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Are there any workbooks for Update Compliance reporting, alerting etc?


Or do people use other tools for this? I haven't seen a single workbook for UC.

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@hspinto No, that's the Azure server update solution. I'm looking at the Intune-managed endpoint update solution "Update compliance".

Despite the MEM portal telling us to use UC for update reporting, they appear to have given us zero dashboards for it.


EDIT: That's not to say Billy's article isn't useful. It's great for getting some better understanding of workbooks, but it's for a different solution.

@Fergus Strachan 


There are example queries in the Azure Monitor Github, but no Workbook - yet.   I did copy & paste them across a while back into a Workbook, but don't have the source data to test them.  I have provided it here, in case you would like to use it as a start, or can suggest what you need?
Ultimately it would be good to add this back to the AzureMonitorCommunity Github for all to use.

How to install a Workbook from a file (in case you need it) CliveW-MSFT/KQLpublic: My useful KQL and Azure Monitor workbooks (Public) (github.com)

My sample Workbook (untested) 
KQLpublic/KQL/Workbooks/WaaSUpdateInsights at master · CliveW-MSFT/KQLpublic (github.com)


@CliveWatson Thanks Clive. And apologies for taking to wrong to reply, I'd lost hope and didn't think to look back here. ;)

I appreciate it, and I'll give them a go when I get a moment.