What is name of Azure Log Analytics Query language ?


I want to know Azure Log Analytics's Query language name.

Just like, SQL is SQL Server transact query name, DAX is Power BI analytics name, M is Power BI Power Query name, etc.


for call the Query language name, to share query tips, technique


Yoshihiro Kawabata


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There is no other official name besides Log Analytics's Query language

Thank you @Stanislav Zhelyazkov for your quick reply.

about there are NO official name for it,


I hope official name for Azure Log Analytics Query Language.


Yoshihiro Kawabata


You are absolutely right, that's a very valid question.

I can share that we're working on official name for the language, and currently refer to it either as "Log Analytics Query Language" or by its code name KQL (stands for “Kusto Query Language”, Kusto being the internal project name).


Hope to share some more news on this soon!




Hi @Noa Kuperberg.


Wow "Kusto" is code name of "Log Analytics Query Language" !?


Does "Kusto" same "Azure Kusto" in Microsoft Flow's connector ?

There are "Azure Kusto" connector in Microsoft Flow.


I'm waiting official name for this query language.

and I'm learning this query language documents.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


Yes, it's the same one :)
We're posting updates all the time, you can even track language updates through the change log.

Thank you @Noa Kuperberg

and I hope this 'Query Language' specific name like SQL, DAX, M for share this language talk with friends.
and I hope RSS feed for this page, for reduce check this page time.

Yoshihiro Kawabata