Welcome to the Azure Monitor AMA!


Welcome to the Azure Monitor AMA! Ask us your tough questions, your detailed questions, your simple questions -- or, share your feedback (your experience to date, features you'd like to see, etc.) directly with the team. We will start answering at 9AM PST on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.


To submit a question, click "Start a new conversation" in the Microsoft Azure Monitor AMA space --and do this for each new question.  Please label your question by selecting from provided options as this will enable us to easily identify and answer your questions. If you want to keep an eye on the questions being asked by your peers, simply refresh the AMA space page from time to time. 


Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread. Let's get started!  
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Hello all! I'm Eric, a community manager here at the Tech Community, and will be helping out at this AMA. Looking forward to all your Azure Monitor questions! 

Hello all! I'm Anirudh, a Program Manager for Azure Monitor metrics. I will be helping out with this AMA and am looking forward to all of your questions about Azure Monitor!


Anirudh Cavale

Hello I'm Shikha and AMA about Azure Monitor Workbooks, visualization tool to build customizable interactive narratives for reporting and analysis using metrics, logs, kusto, ARG, ARM, alerts data

Hello I am Ketan Ghelani AMA anything about Azure Monitor.
Hi all! I'm Juval our Continuous Services Lead here in Zure Finland. Really interested all thing related to monitoring :) and hoping to learn tons of new stuff.

Hi everyone! I'm Ofir, a program manager working on Azure Monitor alerts. Looking forward to answering your questions about alerting

I'm Kayode, PM with the Azure Monitor team. Happy to help answer your questions during this AMA.


Kayode Prince

Hello all! I'm Shilpa, a Program Manager for Azure Monitor autoscale. I will be helping out with this AMA and am looking forward to all of your questions.

@Rahul Bagaria 

Sorry , I am not able to "Start a Conversation". I am looking for a PowerPoint presentation to use with my organization to present the full capabilities of Azure Monitor. The presentations I see from the latest Ignite/Build conferences are typically very short and seem to be focused more on "what is new". Do you have a comprehensive powerpoint for Azure Monitor I could use. Thanks in advance!

@Jonathan Rossi Hey Jonathan, we turned off the ability to ask questions (to "start a conversation") because this event has ended.


That said, you can feel free to ask your question in our Azure Monitor discussion space.


This will also be a monthly event, so if you'd prefer, feel free to save your question for next time!