Unable to enable Update Management



I'm trying to enable Update Managment on an Azure VM. But the select boxes are not populating.

Any idea what could be wrong.


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Might have stumbled on the answer here:

North Europe isn't on the mapping list.

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Yes Update Management can be deployed in certain regions only. You can onboard though any Azure VM (not matter the region) to Update Management solution even if they are in different regions. Best is once you have deployed Update Management to go to the Automation account blade of where Update Management is deployed and from there you have Update Management blade. From that blade you can onboard any Azure VM in your tenant.

@Stanislav Zhelyazkov 

Hi, thanks.

Will try that, saw yesterday that Maurice made a blogpost about Patch Management where he mention this as well.


Found another problem, it's not only the automation account that needs to be in a supported region. The log analytics workspace also needs to be in a supported region.

And since the Azure VMs already are connected to a Log Workspace in North Europe they can't be enabled. 



That is I think documented that for Update Management you cannot dual home.

@Stanislav Zhelyazkov 

Most have missed that. But reconfigured the VMs to a new Workspace in West Europe and gotten it to work.