Unable to create more than one Activity Log Profile for my subscription

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Hi ,

I am trying to create a Log Profile to stream activity logs to event hub but since there is a default log profile existing i am unable to do so. This is when i have the sandbox account. Will the behavior be same in the actual account or if there is a request process to increase the quota ? 

Even if i create a new event hub under a new event hub namespace still it doesn't support log profile creation as default one is already there in another namespace.

Also How would one know which event hub is having activity logs streamed into so that a consumer group can be created against it..?


Log Profile Quota Limits.png

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Only one log profile is allowed, per:


A default one is not created, so if it is already there, someone in your organization already created it. You would need to remove the existing one to add a new one.


We are working a new solution that should allow multiple settings, but I don't have a concrete date.