Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS support for OMS agent and dependency agent

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I recently had a working session with a client that realized that their Linux distro (above) is not supported for the Log Analytics. We didnt realize this until we tried to install the dependency agent (after installing the OMS agent), which threw this error. The OMS agent, while it did throw errors about Python 3, seemed to install to a certain capacity and began reporting to the dashboard. We cannot, however, verify full functionality though the agent appears to be installed, it may not be completely working correctly since the distro is not officially supported. 


Here are my questions:

Is the linux distro above on the roadmap soon - if so, approximately when will it be available?

If this distro will be officially supported, will it work with Python 3 or will we have to install Python 2 and somehow point to that version

Somewhat unrelated:

Is it worth updating the documentation to specify that Perl is required for the install of the dependency agent on Linux? I think that it is assumed that Perl is installed on Linux but this client does minimal intalls for their software and did not have that software installed and there are possibly other orgs that do the same.






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I will add one of our colleagues to the thread.

For the Dependency Agent, we are adding limited support for Ubuntu 16.04 in our next release (9.2.0), due out within the week.  The limited part is that we will support kernels up to 4.4, but not the new 4.11 kernel that was recently released for Azure VMs.  We'll be adding that kernel version in our subsequent release (it came out too close to this current release to fit it in.).


For the question about Perl, I don't believe our agent does require Perl to be installed.  If the customer is getting a message saying otherwise, we'd like to see it so we can track down what's causing that.