Time Range selection for stored functions via command line possible ?

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Is there a way to select the Time Range programmatically (not via the drop down menu "Select Time Range") for which a stored function shall be executed ?

Even if the stored function specifies a Time Range in the query, when invoking it, the specified Time Range is not "recognized".



--- stored function "MyCountFunction" ---

let starttime = startofday(ago(2d));
let endtime = endofday(ago(1d));
| where TimeGenerated between(starttime..endtime)
| count
--- end of stored function ---
--- invocation in the Analytics portal ---
The Time Range for the invocation can only be changed from the drop down menu (which makes a programmatic query impossible).

Does anyone know a workaround for this ?
tnx //emil.
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Hi Emil,

You're right. This seems to be a bug in the UI, caused by the fact the time range is not explicitly found in the query text (makes sense when calling functions).

As a workaround, I suggest you add any mention of "TimeGenerated" in your query, such as:

call_to_function() | ... where TimeGenerated != ""
FYI - the issue should not occur when calling functions programmatically.
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hi Noa,


thanks - you are right, the API call works perfectly, the bug only affects the UI.


The UI bug should not be a problem, the workaround you proposed solves it.


Thanks !


bye //emil.