Template Log Analytics "re-deployment"


Hello All
I have a log analytics workspace that I've been working on for a customer.  We use it to monitor resources for them that they deploy as a "SaaS" offering to customers via CSP.


They want to be able to take the work, queries saved, visualizations, etc, in this Log Analytics Workspace and make it a deployable resource with the SaaS offering in a customer CSP subscription. 


I know the visualizations can be put in an ARM template, but I'm not sure about the queries.  Is this possible?



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I'd be interested in this as well. 


If you're interested in automating it, and have access to both subscriptions and workspaces, I'd suggest you use the API to list all saved searches in env A, update the subscription and workspace to match env B and then call the API again to create queries in env B.