ServiceNow Event Management integration with Azure Monitor

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Will Microsoft be working with ServiceNow to build an integration with Azure Monitor?  


Is the Azure Monitor webhook output now standardized so all alerts have uniformed outputs, this made previous attempts to consume Azure Monitor difficult.  

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There are two ways this integration is available - one via alerts where the action groups can be set to  create tickets in Service now. 


The other is enabling this solution

@shijain13 is this still relevant,


I thought that only worked with Azure classic alerts which are no longer supported. 


Last year we started working with the action groups but the json payload was different depending on how the alert was generated causing us a lot of issues on the transform side in SN.


Hi Stephen,

the solution lets you define an ITSM connections. You can call them using the ITSM action of your action group for all non-classic alerts.

I hope that helps, 


@StephenMorrison you'll want to use the common alert schema wherever possible, and the alerts should largely be the same except for the resource and metrics that change.

ok, we will give it another shot, thanks.

Oh, another option is to use logic apps and their built-in ServiceNow connector
You can use the alert common schema flag with that logic app action (in the action group), so you will receive a more standard JSON payload


interesting. shijain13-agree with you. i would, however, simplify it and opt for a custom solution. though a bit late, you may check out zigiops' team - they can surely tailor a working solution in no time. some use cases need a certain approach, so i would go for something that would make my integration work easier.