Reserved Keywords/strings within Log Analytics query language?


Is there any list of reserved key words like 'computer' which we cannot use within our queries?


For instance, when i try to run a query like:


<TABLE> | where Name contains 'computer'


I get the following error.

'Detected multiple functions with the same name: 'computer'. Resolve the conflict to allow these functions to be used in a query.'

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Without having the Table I can’t reproduce the issue.  A couple things stand out on your query however, “Name” would be the name of the column or field and “computer” would be the value searched for in the column.  I have not seen a column named “Name” before.


If I run a similar query below on it will pull back all the rows with *data* in the Computer column

Heartbeat | where Computer contains "data"


I changed that from “data” to “computer” and I don’t get the same error you are seeing.  No results are returned because the field doesn’t contain values *computer*, but no error

Heartbeat | where Computer contains "computer"


To answer your question, I don’t believe there are any keywords that can’t be used in queries.  Possibly if there are Let Statements involved, but not for the value being searched.

Intersting.. I tried the same query on and it worked the way you described. But when i try to run this against my Log Analytics workspace it yields this error.


(Attached the screenshot for the error)


May be this is related to the workspace and nothing to do with the query language.

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This is probably an error specific to your workspace. I would assume that you somehow have some functions created that have the same alias or something. Check what kind of functions you have created.