Reliability of Notifications - UK South Region

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We have been looking extensively today at Azure Monitor Alerts based on Logs ingestion.


Notifications by email and SMS have been very hit and miss. We can see the Alerts fire; we can see in the History of the Alert that the relevant actions have fired - but we have received 0 emails and 1 SMS.


0 emails could mean anything of course - it is plausible we might have some kind of configuration issue, but we have ticked off most of the potential causes here, and it's a puzzle. The SMS is weirder, though - we got the "you have been subscribed SMS" and 1 notification.... but that's all, which brings me to suspect an issue on the Azure side.



1. For those running Azure in the UK regions - how reliable are these notifications generally? We are concerned about their suitability for production use, based on what we have seen today

2. Is anybody aware of any Azure outages that could be a factor here?





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