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Any plans on making it possible to share dashboards with just a link, without need for the consumer to have a login. Maybe as a "static" webpage or similar. Usefull for both firstline support personal and to put up on tv in operations room.

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@PatrikHansson I don't think it is a fair idea to make the dashboards public. That will lead to the security issue where anonymous will gain access to the systems and data. If login in TV screens is an issue for you, you can use service accounts, grafana etc... 

@yesoreyeram if say using the static website as a solution its possible to lock it down to certain ip:s. Or just make it only available on vnet. 


We are working on a  better dashboarding solution for Azure Monitor.

For any solution, there will be authentication, as you don't want data to be in an unsecure location.  Are you saying that user need to login to Azure Portal and able to view dashboard outside of Azure Portal with appropriate authentication.

@Ketan Ghelani 

I would like a way to not have to authenticate to the azure portal, the dashbords wouldn't have to be interactable. If it't possible to have some sort easy authentication for just the dashboards that would be fine.

SquaredUp has solved it pretty good with their .jpg/.png generation that you can have as a dashboard for users. 


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Thanks for the feedback.  We recently released dashboards for Azure Data Explorer.  We will be releasing dashboards for Azure Monitor along similar lines.