Performance counter data for on Prem Analysis services is not populating


I have on prem Analysis services installed and the VM is connected to log analytics workspace to send perf data. I do have MSAS12 perf counters available but these counters seems to be collecting data only for older versions of Analysis Services and not the lates. For eg: MS Analysis Services 2017.


Any idea how I can pull perf counters of Analysis services 2017? 

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Your issue is similar to this one:

Performance counters for SQL Analysis services are different based on the version and instance name. As described in the answer from the link you have to either add each counter for each version in your data source perf counters configuration in Log Analytics or you can use wild cards (*). For example: MSAS*:Memory(*)\Memory Limit High KB . That should allow gather the counter no matter what is the version. In case you have named instance that counter should look like this: MSOLAP$*:Memory(*)\Memory Limit High KB in order to get that counter no matter the instance name.