OMS update frequency

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Looking for a way to setup or for a way to update the status of the servers. OMS is monitoring our security patches and right now its saying its not done when it is. Server were patched but 8 hours later OMS is still showing they are not. Any way to force a update or for OMS todo a recheck? How often does OMS check a server?

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On this document you can find the frequency of Azure Update Management collection of data:


As you can see for Windows computers within 15 mins after the update you should see the compliance changed. For Linux machines that interval is 30 mins to 6 hours.


For Windows there is not way of changing that frequency. For Linux I think there is a way to change the frequency by modifying some of the config files but I would strongly advise you against that.


In case you are seeing results outside of these time frames I would suggest to try troubleshoot the Log Analytics agent as that would be the most probable culprit for the issue. For Windows agent I think clearing its cache and restarting it should kick in another scan.