Notify global admins when alert is trigered

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I have created a number of alert rules when certain users login, and when changes occur in ex Conditional access. I now want to notify all members of the global admin role when an alert is triggered. 


In the action groups I can input emails and notify the resource manager role.


I do not want to manually add/remove email adresses in the action groups because manual management leads to human errors. 


So how do I notify the global admin role members without manually work with email addresses. Or if this could be achieved any other way.


Thanks for your help and input.

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There is no way that I'm aware of natively in the portal to send alerts to people in the Global Administrators Role.

You could build an Azure Function app that gets called when the alert fires that uses PowerShell to lookup the members of the Global Administrators role and send an email to their address listed in Azure AD.