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I've been using Azure Log Analytics in Azure Government for a couple weeks now, and while most of the solutions work great, I am seeing no usage data at all. The usage and estimated costs blade shows 0.00 GB used and querying the Usage objects return no results. I am global admin of my subscription, so I should have the necessary rights to read everything.

What could be going on? I have millions of events, so I'm certain that there is some usage. I don't want my next bill to be a surprise. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out! My team owns the LA Usage data. I will send you a message to get more data about your scenario and see whether we can figure out what's going on. :)



Hi Ryan,

This is a known issue in Azure Government only (not other regions). This fix for this is in progress but it will be 1-2 months to get it fully deployed. 

Thank you

Dale Koetke



Thanks for the quick response on this.  Is there any other way for me to know what my usage is?  I don't want my next bill to be a surprise, and there must be some way for Microsoft to know how much data I'm using if they are planning to bill me for it. ;) 



Hi Ryan, 


You can see count of events ingested, use


       union withsource = tt * | summarize count()


And I’ve found that typical events are a bit less than 1k in size so at least you can do a rough estimate of you ingested data volume and hence your cost.