New to Windows Analytics and OMS, Missing "My Dashboard" under log search.

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I just created a Workpace for our organization for Windows Analytics on OMS, and starting to learn more about it, I notice there is a "My Dashboard" icon on all the demo video about Windows Analytics, as the following screenshot :



But on my OMS dashboard, I missing that "My Dashboard", as the following screenshot:


I looked on all settings, there no option for add that "My Dashboard". if anyone know why, and how to create my own "My Dashboard", please help.




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Its a deprecated feature. With new update this feature will be remove from OMS 

Thanks Joao, I did come arcoss the link which you send to me, but some how I missed read about the change for my dashboard, I think that is what Rookie do, and the same time I appreciate people like you who help rookie out. thanks again.

Thanks very Kasun, much appreciated.