Monitoring OnTap devices

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Hello, did someone has any expirience with using OMS (now Azure Monitor) to monitor large set of NAS devices (all NetAPP). I did not find much about monitoring of such "appliances" so Im trying to understand if there is some already prepared solution, or the monitoring of such devices is possible just by using Custom Log feature and load into Log Analytics txt logs generated by NAS device....


thanks for any information in advance 



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I haven't heard of such solutions but you can monitor anything with Log Analytics. You just have to figure what data you want to send to Log Analytics, how to structure and how you will send it. Log Analytics has data ingestion API that you can use to send data. You can build some automation that will get the needed data from those devices and send it to Log Analytics on certain intervals. Once you have the data it is a matter of building queries that you will use for views and alerts.