Missing custom logs in Log Analytics schema pane

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I submitted custom logs via the AA API but I'm not seeing my custom log tables in the logs app.

Here's my code:

The returned status code was 200 and all seems to be fine so I was expecting the logs to show up.


But when I try to filter for columns in the Classic Log view, I do see the column entires were created.

Any ideas why my logs aren't showing up?


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8 hours later... Now it's showing up in the console.

It is normal for custom logs to take this long to process? 

I've see it take over an hour, but 8 seems longer than normal.  Below is a link that goes over ingestion time.  In my testing, I also noticed that refreshing the browser will help if data is not showing up after about an hour.


Thanks for the link. I checked back every 30 mins or so but it literally did take that long. (and i did refresh my browser from time to time)

It's improved since but still takes around 1 - 2 hours for new tables to show up... 

Adding data to existing tables takes around 30 mins to process.

This is very disappointing given how robust the features are compared to other competitor products. 

I guess I'll just have to live with the limitations and come up with a cleaver solution ;p

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My experience with PowerShell is it only takes a few seconds for data to show with the data collector API, after the initial setup delay.  The code I used can be found at the bottom of this link.


This article goes deeper into ingestion time that may help with troubleshooting.



Thank you very much for the follow up. These links really help!

I'll give PS a try and see if there's any difference. Thanks again! 

Hi Daichi,

8 hours for the initial ingestion and 1 hour for appended data are indeed much higher than expected.

Are you still experiencing that delay?




May I know which tier of Log Analytics workspace are you all using? I have been trying this with Pay-as-you-go but I am not able to see any logs in the workspace. I have been trying from past few days :(


I am using pay-as-you-go. It takes a while for the custom logs to show up. 10 - 30mins.

Also try adjusting the date-time filters when searching for data.