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Hi Guys, This below document gives very good output of TOP CPU consuming processes from a workspace;…/cpu-processes-azu…/


Has anyone come across similar queries which will provide us the top Memory consuming processes? Please suggest.

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Two things:


1. You need to tell Log Analytics to collect Perf (or Linux Perf counters) that relate to a process and memory.  


Log Analytics - Advanced Settings - Data - "Windows Perf Counter" then type a filter like "process(*)" to see the list



Use the Top query option, like this (sample below) which shows a Top 10 for memory kbytes

Go to Log Analytics and run query

| where ObjectName == "Process"
| where CounterName == "Used Memory kBytes"
| summarize by CounterValue, InstanceName
| top 10 by CounterValue desc 


From that link you provided, you would need to change the Countername to match the one you selected in step 1 



riding on this post - can you combine adding memory + cpu usage per each query being running on analysis ?

let window = AzureDiagnostics
   | where ResourceProvider == "MICROSOFT.ANALYSISSERVICES" and Resource =~ "Server Name";
| where OperationName has "QueryEnd" or (OperationName has "CommandEnd" and EventSubclass_s == 38)
| where EffectiveUsername_s != "NT AUTHORITY\\SYSTEM" 
| where toint(Duration_s) > toint(5000)
| where TimeGenerated > ago(2d)
| project  EventSubclass_s,TimeGenerated,StartTime_t,EndTime_t,ServerName_s,OperationName,RootActivityId_g,TextData_s,DatabaseName_s,ApplicationName_s,Duration_s,EffectiveUsername_s,User_s
| order by StartTime_t asc


Do you mean CPU and Perf data of the query itself, or CPU and Memory from the resource you are monitoring?

You need to enable this for Workspace Query auditing on CPU & Memory:


However you can see this info at runtime in the UI after you run a query, just use the double down arrows to the right of the count of rows to display metrics.
If its Application Monitoring of CPU/Mem ( this is a PaaS solution) it is done here
You maybe able to combine the two sources (Metrics and Logs) in a workbook, depending on what you wish to achieve?


first -  i appreciate your fast replay on this thread,

Yes -i would like to see the CPU and Perf data of the query itself.

how can this be done using my query ?



To see  the data, just click the down arrows after you run any query.  Or to log the data and to query it as well, you need to enable the feature I mentioned in my reply.  Look at this demo (attached), the first part is using the UI, the second assumes you enable auditing and have LAQueryLogs available to you.


@Sarah_Young , does a nice write up here of the audit feature: