LogAnalytics Workspaces - Suppression of alarms from specific Resources

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Hi all just a quick question. 


I currently have a suppress rule for the resource group with all of the resources in that RG suppressed. 

I also have another RG with log analytics workspace, and this workspace is getting all the PERF counters from all the machines, like a bucket from all "Perf" counters. 


I want to suppress only the alarms from that machines on that resource group that is currently suppressed.

Is it possible? 

or do I have to suppress all the alarms from that Log Analytics workspace? 

Is there any way I can only suppress some alarms from log analytics?  


Thanks in advance for your time and help. 


Best Regards.


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@loadedlouie27 the best was is if you use 'Aggregated on', in a metric measure log alert rule, on '_ResourceId'. Then use Action Rules to suppress based on the alert content, setting the relevant resource group from the VM ARM resource ID. 


Example of VM resource ID:




Action rules context filter:



@yalavi First of all thanks for your reply... 


I will try that approach. and provide feedback in the next couple of days. 






Thanks for the help that worked. 


Thumbs UP :D