Log Analytics Views pinned on Dashboard are too restricted

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When I pin a query to a Dashboard, such as a graph, I find that the X axis of the graph does not display correctly.  It shrinks the view of the labels on the X axis , even if you make it as big as possible.


For example, I have a query for activity per user over a period of time.  It lists the 'Caller' name@myorganisation.co.uk along the X axis , it only shows  organisation.co.uk and you cannot see the name of the caller, the name is lost in the format of the graph   So it becomes less useful when someone else uses the dashboard as they cannot see the name.

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Two ideas.

1. use Azure Monitor Workbooks (using the same query) or ,

2. remove the ending of the data e.g. remove anything after the @ symbol 

| where Caller has "@"
| extend CallerName = trim(@"[^\w]+",tostring(split(Caller,"@",0)))
| summarize count() by bin(TimeGenerated, 1h), tostring(CallerName)

Go to Log Analytics and Run Query





Thanks Clive, I used your query and this has worked for me.