Log Analytics | Query to pull the Patch installed Date/Time details

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Hi Guyz,

Patch InstallTimeAvailable (installed Date/Time) column showing no result while pulling the report for Windows server(s).


Thanks in advance to provide the necessary query to pull those details



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Thanks for the quick response, We had gone through with many website(s) including the one you mentioned..still we failed to get any details related to that.


Could you do this another way, this gets the last time an update was applied?


| where UpdateState == "Installed"
| summarize arg_max(TimeGenerated,*) by Title, Computer, Product, ComputerEnvironment, KBID, ApprovalSource, Type




The query will show the last time generated data (Agent collected data),  it doesn't show the patch applied date 

Hello @DINESHA did you find any solution for this plz.