Log Analytics metrics for Memory & CPU Load

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How to find equivalent metrics/counter in Azure Log Analytics for below

Azure Metrics

Windows VM

Linux VM

Physical memory






Virtual memory usage



Physical memory usage



Number of physical CPUs



Number of Logical CPUs



Processor queue length 




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Lots of the common ones are shown in the docs for Windows and Linux,



I don't remember a perf counter for physical CPUs, I think we can work it out - I'll look for an example later (I'm sure I have one).


| where ObjectName == "Processor"
| where CounterName == "% Processor Time" and InstanceName !="_Total"
| summarize dcount(InstanceName), make_set(InstanceName) by Computer



Hi Clive,
Thanks a lot for sharing web link for performance counters. I can see most of them are for Azure Linux.

Is it possible to get similar one for Windows VMs?