KQL Help - creating a histogram of concurrent user count from table of connect/completed timestamps?

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I am running Azure WVD connected into LogAnalytics and I would like to create a chart showing the number of concurrent users per hour over the previous week.


I have written this query (currently limited to just a specific user for testing):


let Events = WVDConnections
| where UserName == "tomas.zemek@ricardo.com";
	| where State == "Connected"
	| project CorrelationId , UserName, StartTime=TimeGenerated, State
	| join
	    | where State == "Completed"
	    | project EndTime=TimeGenerated, CorrelationId, State
	on CorrelationId
	| project UserName, CorrelationId, State, State1, StartTime, EndTime
| sort by StartTime desc



Which gives me the below tabular output (I have included the state and state1 columns for clarity):

But, I am stuck as I can't workout how to do the make-series statement to count the number of concurrent user sessions at any time.The below statement just counts the number of


| make-series count(UserName) default=0 on StartTime from ago(7d) to now() step 15m

I am also aware that this query excludes any currently running sessions as they don't have a completed entry until they are finished and I would like to include the current sessions too.
Can anyone help me with the KQL for this?
Thanks in advance
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Any ideas on this anyone - is this even possible in KQL?



Have you looked at the Workbook for WVD, you can see the many KQL examples used by this when you open it in edit mode?



Yeah - have checked through there and I can see no queries or similar one that do what I want to do in my question