How to retrieve Azure Log Activity Data using python for any resource alongwith 'Tags'?

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My colleague used the below powershell query to retrieve log data for past 4 days excluding today which matches operations of the resources and collects features such as EventTimeStamp, Caller, SubscriptionId etc.


Get-AzureRmLog -StartTime (Get-Date).AddDays(-4) -EndTime (Get-Date).AddDays(-1) | Where-Object {$_.OperationName.LocalizedValue -match "Start|Stop|Restart|Create|Update|Delete"} |
Select-Object EventTimeStamp, Caller, SubscriptionId, @{name="Operation"; Expression = {$_.operationname.LocalizedValue}},


I am a newbie to azure and want to generate a report where I can also fetch the 'Tags' name & value against a resource for past 90 days in this report. What will be the powershell query for this? Can I also use python to query this data? I tried searching the documentation and was unable to dig into it, so if anybody could redirect me to the right place it will be helpful.
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Hello and welcome @shmoolya 


There is a dedicated PowerShell group, that maybe a better place to ask and get help from



I cannot start a conversation there due to insufficient privileges. And this question also asks azure support with python