How to find/query disk growth for Windows VM

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I have to calculate Disk "% Growth" for Windows & Linux VMs.


By referring earlier articles/Conversation, I am able to get details/data for Free_Space & Used_Space. Now I have to write a query for "% Growth" and "Growth % ABS".


Is any available counter or way to write Log query?  

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Are you looking for % change per day?  

| where TimeGenerated > startofday(ago(7d))
| where Computer == "VM01"
| where CounterName == "Free Megabytes" and InstanceName == "_Total" 
| summarize max(CounterValue) by Computer, bin(TimeGenerated, 1d)
| order by Computer asc, TimeGenerated asc
| extend changeInMb = max_CounterValue  - prev(max_CounterValue, 1)
| extend pctChange = (changeInMb * 100) / prev(max_CounterValue,1)
Thanks Clive. It works for me.