How to bulk Enable / Disable Azure Monitor alerts

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Every build weekend 100+ team members get 200 errors for all the Azure Monitors but no one wants to manually disable / re-enable them.


Any suggestions on how I can automate disabling / enabling Azure Monitor rules?


Logic App?

Terraform code?

Any suggestions are apprecriated.

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Configure an Alert Processing Rule - its simple and easy to configure


You can access alert processing rules by going to the Alerts home page in Azure Monitor. Then you can select Alert processing rules to see and manage your existing rules. You can also select Create > Alert processing rules to open the new alert processing rule

Create a Rule , select an Action Group , mention the time window for the rule to be applied and save

more details can be found here -

Hi, I'm not looking to disable them during a specific time frame, I have 100 alerts for the same resources. I understand Alert processing rules can disable subsequent firing of the rule.

Turning them off individually is problematic for us.
Is there a way to use Alert processing rules to have a single enable / disable trigger?
having alert processing for each individual rule based on a single toggle.

Example: send to group NOGROUP if conditional "X System" == MAINTENANCE
Sure can be done , while Configuring the Alert Processing Rule , under Rule setting - select , Action Group instead of Suppress Notification. you can also create a new action group at this stage like the one you have mentioned . Also if it's a regular domain activity , you can schedule this to a recurring event.