How to apply Filter on Filter in the dashboard.

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I have created two filters like below.  Second filter is dependent on first Filter1.  

Filter1 : search * | distinct  Computer

Filter2: search * | where ${Filter1}| distinct UserName_s


I am not getting any error or there is no result.


If i change the Filter2 like below then I can see the the values.

search * | distinct UserName_s


Please any suggession.  

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I'll ask one of our colleagues to respond


Did you get an answer for this?

I have configured a filter in view designer and updated the query's to support the filter but it doesn't work. No errors, no changes in the data I see when i pick a value in the filter drop down list.

I think the second value move the first variable into the null position on runtime.
Give me some time..

Hi Lars,

No.  I dont have any solution till now.


I didn't get any solution till now.  It will be great if you have solution to this problem.  

View Filters do not support nested filters like in your example today. I'll note to update documentation to reflect this.