How to add TEXT data e.g. "Need important update" in a Tile


Anyone having a query sample and instructions on how to add TITLE and SUBTITLE  in TILES in Azure

It only shows the Count - how can I make a TEXT column with e.g. "number of servers"





TITLE: Need Critical updates

Subtitle: Servers

Footer: Last 30 days


Sample query is provided below

| where TimeGenerated > now(-30d)
| where OSType!="Linux" and Optional==false
| where (UpdateState =~ "Needed") and ((Classification == "Critical Updates")) and (Approved!=false) and (PublishedDate < ago(31d))
| where (Product contains "server") and (Product !contains "drivers")
| summarize arg_max(TimeGenerated, *) by Computer,UpdateID
| distinct Computer
| count

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