How to add a custom column which will get data from a row

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Follwing query gives values from multiple performance counters but in a different rows. Is it possible to add performance counter's value in columns
| where ObjectName =="Memory" and CounterName=="% Committed Bytes In Use" or CounterName=="% used memory" or CounterName=="Available MBytes"
| summarize Avg_Memory_Usage=avg(CounterValue) by Computer, CounterName
required output
Computer, Available Memory, %committed memory
xyz, 3000, 20
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May we be we can create a temp table and join the two data sets to have perf counter values in columns instead of row. If someone could help give an example of that may also help





You can store the results using the Let statement - note, all three lets must return data for this to work - thats why I have commented out two lines as I don't have "% used memory" data in the workspace 


Go to Log Analytics and Run Query


let commitedBytes = (Perf
| where ObjectName =="Memory" and CounterName=="% Committed Bytes In Use"
| summarize AvgCommitedBytes=avg(CounterValue) by Computer);
let usedMemory = (Perf
| where ObjectName =="Memory" and CounterName=="% used memory"
| summarize AvgUsedMemory=avg(CounterValue) by Computer);
let availableBytes = (Perf
| where ObjectName =="Memory" and CounterName=="Available MBytes"
| summarize AvgAvailBytes=avg(CounterValue) by Computer);
//| join kind=inner (usedMemory)     on Computer 
| join kind=inner (availableBytes) on Computer 
| project Computer,
//          AvgUsedMemory,