Guest-on and OMS costs

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I need to collect memory usage data on several VMs
One way to do so is to enable Guest Monitoring in each VM.
I wanted to know if enabling it would add costs to the subscription.
I also wanted to know if there's any easier way than enabling one by one manually. Maybe powershell?

And the other way is to use OMS
But those VMs aren't connected right now to the workspace
So I want to know if connecting them to the OMS workspace add costs
Right now the OMS Tier is Free so the info is only saved for 7 days.

Thank you.

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I can't comment on the Guest Monitoring portion (I'll have to research it), but as for OMS...

If you are using the Free Tier of OMS, then there is no cost. You are just limited to the data retention and volume of data ingestion per day. 


In thinking briefly about the Guest Monitoring, I don't know if there is an actual charge for that Service, but, since it requires an Azure Storage account to pipe data into, there will be some nominal charge for data storage. 


You can definitely do it in bulk via PowerShell. Here's an article about Azure Diagnostics Logs, which has some PowerShell examples: