extreme slow page response / errors of

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response from at least the docs website ist horrible (in Europe).

This site loads not faster than 15(!) seconds, not being logged in.

When I log in, the content of the site is empty, nothing at all.


(I cannot attach the recorded .har file)



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Thanks for letting us know. I'll refresh that web site.

still slow as hell ;)

What happened, now the site doesn't even exist anymore! Now if I try to navigate to any url with the host now it brings me to a completely different page!

best response confirmed by Falco Bethke (New Contributor)

Hey Devin,

We've posted an update about the doc site moving into the standard product documentation site.

Now, the language reference is available here, and all other sections (tutorials, lessons, cheat sheets) are here.

The page you've seen before was definitely confusing, because it pointed directly to Azure Data Explorer (aka "Kusto") which documents the language used by Log Analytics. We've fixed the link to point to the relevant Log Analytics page.


Hey Falco,

Indeed, a lot of documentation updates have been done lately, some might still require tuning :)

The first link to Kusto (BTW works the same for en-us as well) opens Azure Data Explorer, which is the name of the new product that's based on the Kusto platform (Kusto is the internal project name, and the name of the query language as well).

The second link to Log Analytics is simply wrong, and should point here instead, we'll fix it.