Export Analytics data to Excel Application Insights Analytics

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Trying to export Application Insights Analytics data to excel ? Is there any way of doing it ?

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This option is available in the Analytics portal of Log Analytics or Application Insights. See screenshot.



Thank you very much.Simple the button was in disabled mode when I checked.Later found that when the query is executing it was disabled once the result came it is enabled 

Export often doesn't work from Log Search in my experience, though if I open the query in Advanced Analytics I can export without issue



Is there an option to continuously export data from Analytics to any storage account?





The simplest way to export data from Log Analytics to a storage account is to create Azure Function or Logic App. Azure function will purely be a code where with Logic App you have some out of box activities like executing Log Analytics query (to get the data) and create blob on Azure storage. My recommendation though is to not try to export big amounts of data as probably will be costly and time consuming.