Disable an alert when Data ingestion stopped

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Hi ,

Am triggering alert using application insight logs whenever the below query doesn't return any records

Alert #1 

| where timestamp > ago(5m)
| where name == 'HeartbeatState'

| where cloud_RoleName in ('Demoservice1')
| summarize count() by bin(timestamp, 5m), cloud_RoleName;


This alert is working as expected but this alert also fires when ever Daily Data cap reached and Data ingestion is stopped . 


Am using the below query using log analytics workspace logs to trigger alert when Data ingestion stopped


_LogOperation | where Operation =~ "Data collection stopped" | where Detail contains "OverQuota"


I don't think its possible to Suppress alert1 when alert 2 is triggered . I couldn't combine this both query because one is from AppInsight and other one is from Loganalytics worspace.

I have also tried to find Daily Cap reached message from Activity log but am not sure how can i use that along with customMetrics Query.


Any suggestion please to avoid getting alerts once Data ingestion stopped




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Hi @Racheal2k,


Log Search Alerts supports alert rules combined from both AI + LA and looks like it should solve the problem. What was the issue you've faced with?