Difference between Log Analytics and Monitor

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New to Azure. What is the difference between Azure Monitor and Log Analytics?

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Are you asking about Azure Monitor and Log Analytics?  Log Analytics is a service within Azure Monitor.  Its a bit like the relationship of Office to Word, Excel etc... Monitor is the brand, and Log Analytics is one of the solutions.


Log Analytics and Application Insights have been consolidated into Azure Monitor to provide a single integrated experience for monitoring Azure resources and hybrid environments. Documentation for each of these services has been consolidated into a single set of content for Azure Monitor.


February 2019 - Log Analytics terminology

After the consolidation of different services under Azure Monitor, we're taking the next step by modifying terminology in our documentation to better describe the Azure Monitor service and its different components.

Log Analytics

Azure Monitor log data is still stored in a Log Analytics workspace and is still collected and analyzed by the same Log Analytics service, but we are changing the term Log Analytics in many places to Azure Monitor logs. This term better reflects its role in Azure Monitor and provides better consistency with metrics in Azure Monitor.

The term log analytics now primarily applies to the page in the Azure portal used to write and run queries and analyze log data. It's the functional equivalent of metrics explorer, which is the page in the Azure portal used to analyze metric data.


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