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    I have created an Application Insights resource in Azure. I have configured my application to send logs(trace data) to Application Insights. The issue that I observed with Application Insights is that whenever my application writes logs to Application Insights, the logs are observed in Application Insights after a certain delay typically(3-4) minutes. The logs are not immediately reflected in Application Insights. This has a huge impact on my further development. When will this issue of Application Insights will get resolved?

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Hi Pravin,

Logs are going through an ingestion process which could take a few minutes. During this time data is being analyzed, indexed and registered in the relevant tables and databases, based on your account details, capping, sampling and other settings.

We're constantly working to make the ingestion faster and more efficient.

If you have a specific scenario that needs to run faster, please provide more details and we'll see if a better solution can match your needs (using metrics, alerts etc.)

Hi Pravin,


There are always a SLA for sending and receiving logs. And to read more about it, you can visit the below threads for further clarification:-


SLA for Application Insights

SLA for Log Analytics


Hope this helps :)