Default Cosmos Db Metrics in Azure Monitor

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I was trying to configure the default cosmos db metrics on azure monitor to get requests, throughputs, and other related info. as given in documentation.
One issue I found was that if I have a collection by the name of "test" in my database in cosmos db account , I sometimes see two collections in Azure monitor under my database that are "Test" and "test".But this is kind of intermittent and if I change the time range it sometimes start showing one collection only. I have checked there is no collection by the name of "Test" (with capital T) in my database.
And also the results provided are actually distributed within the two metrics.
So, what can be the reason for this behaviour ?
(I have attached a screenshot for the same.)

Also one suggestion in Monitor metrics, all the collections are segregated at the account not at the database level. If we have different databases in an account with the same collection name how can metrics tell which collection in database got how many requests as it gives a single collection name for all the databases ? Shouldn't this be at the database level ?

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