Date range with time window to do SLA statistcs

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Dear community,


i struggle around with following:


I need to write a query which displays availabilityResults within business hours and out of business hours.


Mo-Fr: 08:00 - 18:00

and out of this.


Any guess todo it?




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Already handled SLA hours. No i struggle around with SLA_days:

let SLA_hours = range x from 8 to 18 step 1;
let SLA_days = range y from 1 to 5 step 1;
| where timestamp >= datetime('2018-03-27') and timestamp <= datetime('2018-07-05') and location == 'West Europe'
| project timestamp, ['day']=dayofweek(timestamp), ['hour']=hourofday(timestamp), success
| join kind=inner SLA_hours
on $left.hour == $right.x
| summarize count(success) by timestamp
| extend availabilty = (count_success / 12)*100
| summarize avg(availabilty) by bin(timestamp, 1d)
Problem now is, dayofweek() is a timespan which cannot be joined.
How can i do this?

The query language have rich set of functions to calculate time differences. Here is a sample calculation:

let StartDate = now()-7d;
let StartDate8am = make_datetime(getyear(StartDate),getmonth(StartDate),dayofmonth(StartDate),8,0);
let StartDate8amWorkWeek = iif(dayofweek(StartDate8am) >= 1d and dayofweek(StartDate8am) <= 5d, StartDate8am, make_datetime(getyear(StartDate8am),getmonth(StartDate8am),1,hourofday(StartDate8am),0));
print StartDate8amWorkWeek

Hope it helps,