Custom log from a custom application log table? Want to ingest from a SQL table

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bear with me im kind of new...


So i have a file transfer application with a log table and i want to use this data(it has a time stamp on it) in a report/dashboard...  List the "transfers" in a simple report etc


I know i can import custom logs but that only allows files, not tables in a db.  


Do i simply do a join in Kusto? Or is there some how I can import it and use like a custom log.  I would like it to "upsert" or maintain the log also.

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Okay I exported the csv file to blob storage with ADF and I am able to ingest the file into a kusto query. I used :

externaldata (col1:string, col2:string)
[h'http//<full URL from Shared access Signature generated in azure storage explorer>']
with (format='csv', ignorefirstrecord='true')

this read the data in and I was able use it from there. There is "sql_request plugin" for Azure Data explorer but it doesnt work in monitor. I think there might be another route with the connection string method where you can directly query so im checking on that but this worked so far.

Nice work, Mikes2nd and thanks for sharing your resolution.

I would like to see the sql request plugin available in Monitor. I was honestly surprised it's not available yet.


Oh looks like it won't happen possible due to security issues.  She explains the options.


Enable 'sql_request' plugin in Log Analytics - Microsoft Tech Community