Configure OMS Windows Agent Heartbeat Interval

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Hello Team, It's possible to change the OMS Windows Agent Heartbeat Interval?

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That's not currently possible. Out of curiosity - why are you looking to do that? Do you want less frequent heartbeats or more frequent? Either way, why (cost, manageability, etc)?

Thank you John for your reply. We would have liked to increase the interval to once an hour. Because we have a customer that has the OMS agent installed on 40,000 computers, and each client generate traffic and a lot of connection on the different proxies

Thanks David. We'll add this request to our backlog. Are you using the OMS gateway? That won't reduce overall traffic, but it would help with the proxy issue.

Thank you for your reply. I understood that OMS Gateway was for computers without Internet access. In the case of our client, all their PCs have access to the internet. The establishment of OMS Gateway is not planned at this time.

Do you think you can correct this problem in a new version or with a parameter file (registry, ...) so that you can increase heartbeat request intervals?


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Thanks David. There's not an option to configure that via a config file or parameters today, but we'll consider it for the future.

Thank you John.

John, a question for you from the customer: Current persistent connection/session of OMS agent from multiple users lead to any traffic or connection issue to our Internet bandwidth?


Thank you.

Yes, each agent will be uploading data and we occasionally push updates to the agents, so there may be bandwidth impact. We recommend customers test this by rolling out the agent slowly across their environment and seeing the impact.