Column Name for MITRE Tactic in Log Analytics Workspace

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Hi Team, 


Could you provide me the table/column name where MITRE Tactic is stored in Log Analytics Workspace


I wanted to created a dashboard to map the MITRE Tactic and security incidents.


Kindly help


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I don't believe we do, I think it maybe available via the Sentinel api call though - more details from the api are planned to go into Log Analytics in the future.   


In the meantime you could add the Tactic as a comment to the query, so that it appears in ExtendedProperties?


| where ProviderName == "ASI Scheduled Alerts" 
| where ExtendedProperties contains "Query"
//| search "Tactic"

e.g. I used "This only happens" as a string to illustrate the method

 Annotation 2020-02-27 172839.jpg


You could then use a extend to put the tactic in its own column?