Azure VM Insights Policy

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I was looking for a built-in policy that can enable Azure VM Insights, at the moment I can see the only option is to go into the VM blade and then monitoring>insights as well through Azure monitor. 


I have looked at the following policy initiative - 'Enable Azure Monitor for VMs' but there is no policy that enabled VM Insights. 

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@miksingh that is the correct initiative, it has the policies needed to handle the onboarding. You can also take a look at this page for VMI that has details for the policy that can onboard your VMs.  Another way to access the policies by navigating to Azure Monitor in the portal, then choose 'Virtual Machines' under the Insights section, and then the 'Other onboarding options' tab, which will have a tile that links you into the Policy view and pre-sets which policies to use - you just have to choose the correct scope and start assigning the policy.