Azure Monitor Private Link Scope not using customer-managed storage account

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I've set up an AMPLS lab to test out my understanding of this feature and everything is working EXCEPT that the servers I have set up to forward custom logs and IIS logs are NOT using the customer-managed storage account I have linked to the LA workspace.

From the client I have confirmed I can connect to the target storage account across the vNET with no issues, however in doing a packet capture on the source server it is still connecting to a randomly named SA and connecting via a public IP every 5 minutes, as per the normal schedule of uploading data.


I've tried unlinking the SA and linking it again, I've done a hard repair on the LA agent in the server sending the logs. The agent just seems to be ignoring the configuration. What am I doing wrong here?

Here is the doco I have followed.

Using customer-managed storage accounts in Azure Monitor Log Analytics - Azure Monitor | Microsoft D...

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