Azure Monitor log: How to add parameters to a function


I want to create my first function in Logs (Azure Monitor)
The tutorial of Microsoft here is pretty simple:



But I have trouble with adding parameters to my own function. You can see in the tutorials screen how it should look like to store a function with paremters

But the parameters are missing for me if I want to save my own function.



I should mention that the scope I selected is targeting Application Insights (not classic, but using an analytics workspace). If I target something else I can create functions with parameters, but I need Application insights. Is that not supported?

Or... what am I doing wrong?


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The first screen shot is for Log Analytics, yours is Application Insights. so its slightly different experience.
Yeah - if I target something else I get the parameters. But I need to analyze Application Insights data. What could I try instead? Or are functions not supported there?

@David_Elsner - have you gotten this to work for application insights? @CliveWatson is this not supported?

Any update on this please? are function parameters not supported in app insights?