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Hi Community, 


Currently, I'm referring the below documentations to answer one of our customers queries.



I couldn't locate the specific answers for the below questions:


  1. How do you monitor the size of your customer's virtual machines and determine when there is a need to increase capacity?

  2. How do you ensure that operating systems are successfully and currently patched with the latest security updates?

  3. How do you tell if your customers are running malware or some type of anti-malware services on their machines? 

  4. Are you able to do any kind of network mapping that shows you if you have a number of different sites and locations connected?

  5. What tools do you currently use to find out more about CPU usage trends, virtual machines and free disk space, VM availability and error reports.

  6. What tools do you have in place today to analyze large volume of data that move across a business to understand the security posture?


Any guidance would be of great help.


Many thanks in advance. 

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