Azure Monitor Insight Health Alerts


Hi Guys,


i am investigating the new Azure Monitor Updates and among them is the new Health Model, the Insights (Preview), as i see it, there are predefined health criteria which is good, at the moment we cant disable some of them that will come in the future i believe, all the health criteria defined have alerts enabled by default, which then shows in the Alerts view in the Azure Monitor panel. 

what i am trying to do and cant find a way yet, is there a way to set a notification email for the pre defined health alerts on VMs? so that these alerts that appear on the Alerts view are also forwarded to an email. 



Ahmed Atef

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If you have the proper permissions, you should be able to find that alert through Azure Monitor and edit it's Action Group settings. The Action Group is where you configure sending an email.

Hi Noa,


I checked but the rules themselves are not there, i am talking about the Alerts that are defined by default from the Insights (preview) where it have a health model . 


i have contributor on the whole subscription is that not enough?